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Physical Chemistry of Roasting and Leaching Reactions for Chromium Chemical Manufacturing and Its Impact on the Environment — A Review S. Sanchez-Segado, A. Jha Materials Science 2013 Chromium is mainly used for the production of stainless steel, in electroplating, as pigments and in leather and refractory industries.

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1.4 to 2.0 although chemical grade chromite ores some times contain large amounts of iron which can result in chromium to iron num oxide A1203. mented with using ferric sulfate leaching of chromite.


The fact that the sub-outcrop of the Kemi chromium ore is broad wilt also have contributed to the length of the dispersal train, as has high resistance of chromite to chemical and mechanical weathering.

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Hevi-Sand Chromite Sand - Chromite sand has been selected and used in foundries as a result of its unique combination of properties. The properties listed below generally result in a better surface finish...

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Abstract The kinetics of the chemically controlled reaction between chromite and sulphuric acid, to form chromium (III) sulphate has been studied in the temperature range 140° - 210°C. The effect of temperature, sulphuric acid concentration and perchloric acid addition on the rate of dissolution of chromium has been studied.

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Today, SP Chemicals (Taixing) has transformed itself from a chlor-alkali producer into a petrochemical producer with more than two decades of continuous expansion through the company's own resources.

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During the leaching with A. thiooxidans and P. putida, total Cr was initially extracted as Cr (VI) due to the presence of phosphates in the medium, and subsequently decreased because of Cr (VI) adsorption and reduction to Cr (III). Reduction was associated with bacterial activity, but also with the presence of ferrous iron.

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• The contamination of this area with anthropogenically derived chemicals described in the previous reports has clearly not improved and in some cases the situation has become worse.

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The leaching behaviour of certain elements like sulphur, potassium and sodium in a compost-amended steel slag environment is independent of the physico-chemical parameters of the leachates.

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Batch leaching tests, qualitative and quantitative x-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) analyses, and geochemical modeling were used to investigate the leaching mechanisms of Cr (VI) from chromite ore processing residue (COPR) samples obtained from an urban area in Hudson County, New Jersey. The pH of the leaching solutions was adjusted to cover a ...

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In addition to the experiments done with A. thiooxidans and P. putida, chemical leaching of the fresh tailing sample with distilled water at pH 2 (adjusted with H 2 SO 4) and distilled water at pH 9 (adjusted with NaOH) was carried out at a pulp density of 30 g/L. The leachability of chromite was also studied through the leaching of the ...

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Millions of tons of high pH-chromite ore processing residue (COPR) have in the past been deposited in urban areas (e.g., Hudson County, New Jersey, USA, and Glasgow, Scotland) and continue to leach...

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Section - I Chemical Sector. Table -1 Table -2 Table -3 Table -4 Table -5 Table -5A. Performance of Selected Major Chemicals ( Group-wise) during 2009-10 to 2016-17 at a Glance.

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Based on the AEM results, three mineral phases were chosen as candidates for aqueous geochemical thermodynamic equilibrium modeling of pH-dependent leaching: chromite, chloroapatite, and zincite.

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Commercially, chromite ore is processed to produce sodium chromite and other chromium chemicals such as sodium chromite, chromic acid, and chromium sul-phate. Chromium leaching from deposited sites is of high environmental relevance associated with the contamination of natural resources with toxic hexava-lent chromium Cr61. In the environment ...