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6. Calculate a correlation factor for the gauge reading as follows: a. Calculate the difference between the core density and the average gauge density at each test site to the nearest 0.1 lb/ft3. Calculate the average difference and standard deviation of the differences for the entire data set to the nearest 0.1 lb/ft3. b.

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Hurley et al. (2004) of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) studied the performance of a PQI 301 and PaveTracker by comparing results to nuclear gauge readings and core densities.

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The Superpave system is applicable to virgin and recycled, dense-graded, hot mix asphalt (HMA), with or without modification. (g) Calculate the maximum specific gravity (Gmm) at other asphalt contents.

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Turn your results in to your engineer, who will take the Rice number for that particular mix of asphalt and calculate the density of each core and make a report for the client. Calculations A = Dry Weight B = Saturated Surface Dry Weight C = Immersed Weight Bulk Specific Gravity, BSG = A/ (B-C) Density, D = BSG x 62.24

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3.2 Density of Asphalt. Density is an important thermodynamic property and it is a direct indicator to see whether the model size and force field could yield reasonable and accurate simulation results.

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T 312 Preparing and Determining the Density of the Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Specimens by Means of the Superpave Gyratory Compactor . 2.2 . Asphalt Institute 2.3 . ASTM Standards 2.4 ... combinedaggregate bulk specific gravity and subsequentVMA calculations.The Agency may. choose to specify adjustments to the VMA requirements to account for this ...

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The gradation should not be too close to the FHWA's 0.45 power maximum density curve. If it is, then the VMA is likely to be too low. Gradation should deviate from the FHWA 's 0.45 power maximum density curve, especially on the 2.36 mm (No. 8) sieve. Asphalt Binder Evaluation

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Measuring Asphalt Density- Does a Day Make a Difference? Density or degree of compaction is one important component of asphalt pavement quality and long-term performance.

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Calculate Asphalt in Tons . Need to calculate asphalt in tons? Here is a simple step by step process with an example: Step 1 - Determine the dimensions (Length, Width, and Depth) in feet of all areas requiring asphalt. ex: 2 inches of asphalt / 12 = .167 feet (2" = 0.167') Part A: 10 foot wide . 50 foot long .

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An asphalt density lot size shall equal one paving day's production per mix. A lot shall be divided into a minimum of five equal sublots. A sublot shall not be greater than 500 tons. When a paving day's production per mix is greater than 2,500 tons, then each sublot size shall be 500 tons or fraction thereof

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correction for thermal expansion of asphalt (Figure 5), g; density of water at the test temperature, Curve D in Figure 6, Mg/m3; and density of water at 25°C (77°F), Mg/m3.

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Here, the Density of Asphalt is taken as 2400 kg/m3. The Quantity of Asphalt = Volume of Asphalt x Density of Asphalt. The Quantity of Asphalt = 18000 x 2400 = 43200000 Kg. Quantity of Asphalt in Tons = Quantity of Asphalt / 1000. Quantity of Asphalt for Road in Tons = 43200000 / 1000 = 432000 Tons.

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Dec 17, 2020 · One ton of asphalt covers 30 to 80 square feet. A 2-car driveway needs 7.5 to 18 tons of asphalt, depending on the thickness. Asphalt cost per ton by material - chart Asphalt cost per cubic yard Asphalt costs $80 to $160 per cubic yard. There are typically 2 tons in 1 cubic yard, depending on the mixture's density..

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Typical values for theoretical maximum specific gravity range from approximately 2.400 to 2.700 depending on the aggregate specific gravity and asphalt binder content. Unusually light or heavy aggregates may result in a value outside this typical range. Calculations (Interactive Equation) Calculate and report Gmm to the nearest thousandth.

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Afrer the asphalt slabs were moved to the laboratory, the thickness, length and weight were measured for each slab, and the density calculated. The results are summarized in Table 5.2.

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How many tons in a cubic yard of Asphalt, as Imperial measurment system a cubic yard of asphalt yields about 3915 pounds or 1.95 short tons. Skip to primary navigation ... You get 20.25 tons asphalt needed for project's amount. Mathematical calculation such as Cubic yards × 2.025 = Tons, 10 × 2.025 = 20.25 US tons. 1 cubic yard of hot ...

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Volvo offers Compact Assist with real-time asphalt density calculation ... Once fully calibrated with data specific to the application, the Volvo-patented technology produces a density calculation that is accurate to within 1.5% of core sampling, providing a real-time reading of density values over 100% of the mat. ...

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Asphalt basics & applications. Asphalt is a very dense, black, and sticky form of petroleum. Although asphalt can be found naturally, it is often made from refined oil, classified as pitch.