New Hampshire Mineral Owners and Royalty Interests

Top Mineral Owners in New Hampshire Arrington Ruth C Rev TR Mark M Barnhill Baxter & Main LLC Brenda Berry Stephanie A Collins Dartmouth College Denny Ione E Childrens Trust Paula Sue Duncan For The Cause Michael Albert Glover Gosnell John R Family Trust Cindy Leigh Hartman Patrick Wayne Hereford Martine Imon Peter Andrew Jeschke

nh_mines - New England Mineral Association has a very comprehensive listing of the minerals which can be found in New Hampshire, thanks to the hard work of Tom Mortimer and friends. For an eye-opening look at just how many different locations are involved, click here to see a list of New Hampshire mineral quarries and prospects on the website.

New Hampshire Mineral Species

Many NH mineral species occur in samples of only a few millimeters or less. Magnification is required to observe and appreciate them. Modern digital micro-photography provides a means to easily share micro-minerals with a large audience. At the other size extreme, numerous New Hampshire species have been found in excellent large specimens.

State Rock, Mineral and Gem, New Hampshire Almanac

State Rock, Mineral and Gem, New Hampshire Almanac Information on the state mineral and gem can be found below. State Mineral Beryl is hereby designated as the official state mineral of New Hampshire. Beryl is a gemstone commonly found in the granite rocks abundant in the state. Beryl Crystals are a yellow-green and yellow colors. State Gem.

State Rock, Mineral and Gem, New Hampshire Almanac

State Gem. Smoky quartz is hereby designated as the official state gem of New Hampshire. Smoky Quartz is a common mineral also found in many types of rocks, including granite. It is also know as cairngorm. The New Hampshire Almanac is compiled by the New Hampshire State Library from state statutes and other sources as noted.

NH Mineral Species List -

New Hampshire Mineral Species. Click on species links to see photo and data, (** links are for species that are not part of physical display) Back to NH Minerals Home Page NEW 8/2017 NH Rare and Uncommon Species ( # in list below are in Rare & Uncommon gallery)

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Mineral, Mining, Geology Symposiums Bead Shows Start Date. End Date. Places. Mineral / Rock Shop Mineral/Mining Museums Rail Tours (Historic Mines) Geo-Sites Fee-Collecting Mine Tours Rock Clubs Cave Artisan Jewelry Shop ...

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• NH Mineral Locations - as listed on Its a long list, but many of the descriptions are very vague, consisting of notations of single occurrences that may never have been found again. ... Ruggles Mine in Grafton, NH (opening to public summer 2021) • article • photo gallery • Ruggles Mine Gallery, ...

New Hampshire Rockhounding Location Guide & Map

The best places to rockhound in New Hampshire are outcrops on hillsides and mountain ridges where pegmatite minerals are exposed. The Moat Mountain site is popular with collectors, as are old quarries and mines. Gold panning in streams and rivers is particularly fruitful in the northern part of the state. Source Smoky Quartz

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New Hampshire Mines And Mineral Localities Books . New Hampshire Mines And Mineral Localities Morrill, Philip (Dartmouth College Museum, 1960) Records in one publication as much information as is pertinent about each mineral locality in the state, both past & present.

New Hampshire Mines | The Diggings™

Filter 260 mines by commodity, disposition, development status, and record type in New Hampshire. Quick Facts Aluminum, Beryllium, Bismuth, Cadmium, and Copper mines located in New Hampshire.

List of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones Found in New Hampshire

It can be found in schist materials, often alongside almandine garnet. Staurolite can be found along large portions of western New Hampshire. Some of the best locations include Ruggles Mine and Pond Hill in Grafton County. These areas produce many of the specimens. As a bonus, they generally occur alongside garnets as well! 4. Tourmaline

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Gilsum Rock Swap and Mineral Show. Celebrated in the field behind the school the last full weekend of June every year since 1964, put on by hardworking volunteers and eagerly anticipated by collectors from all over, the Gilsum Show is the highlight of the mineral show season in New Hampshire.

Where to Find Rare Gems and Minerals in New Hampshire - Gold Rush Nuggets

Some of the minerals and gemstones found in the state are amethyst, smoky quartz, fluorite, beryl, and topaz. Most of these are found in the enormous granite and pegmatite deposits present throughout New Hampshire. Amethyst Amethyst is found in almost all of the state's counties particularly at places that have granite geology.

New Hampshire - Rock Pups

Aquamarine - Ruggle's Mine, Grafton, NH What you'll find - Beryl, garnets, black tourmaline, mica, uranite, etc. What are they - Beryl is the flashiest of minerals found here and comes in blue known as aquamarine. Fees - Adults 25$, Children (4-11) $13, Children under 4 are free with a paid adult

The Mineral Industry of New Hampshire | U.S. Geological Survey

New Hampshire produces construction sand and gravel, crushed stone (mostly granite and traprock), dimension stone (primarily granite), and natural gemstones. Statistical Summary Aggregates Data by State, Type, and End Use Mineral Commodity Summaries Mineral Industry Surveys Minerals Yearbook Volume I -- Metals and Minerals

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Find the estimated Miner / Mining Worker salary in Bow, NH. Compare to Miner / Mining Worker national median salary and learn how to boost your worth. Skip to Main Content. monster Toggle ... Bow, NH: $19.32: National : $19.32: Location +/-0 % Higher: Search another salary. Boost Your Value.

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• Vermont Museum of Mining and Minerals. In Grafton, VT • Maine Mineral and Gem Museum. In Bethel, ME • Mineralogical and Geological Museum. At Harvard University, Cambridge, MA ... • New Hampshire Mineral Species - at, click on each mineral listed • Almost 2500 photos of NH minerals - at ...

GUIDE: Best Rockhounding in New Hampshire & What Rocks Find

The best rockhounding sites in New Hampshire are Moat Mountain, Deer Hill, Lord Hill, Coos County, Indian Stream, Greens Ledge, Victor Head, Hutchins Mountain, Hanover, Ruggles Mine, North Groton, Ore Hill, Raymond, Pillsbury Ridge, Conway, Hurricane Mountain, South Baldface Mountain, Redstone, and Province Lake, among others.

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NH crystal shop with the finest hand picked mineral and fossil specimens from around the world, sterling and gemstone jewelry, large decorator pieces, gemstone carvings and unique stone crafted gift items. A Broader Concept Est. 1998 Crystal, Mineral and Fossil Shop.

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Listed below are not only distictive geology and mineral displays you can visit in New Hampshire, but also those in other states which feature chice specimens from here. • Woodman Museum In Dover, NH • Wise Mine Fluorite At the Smithsonian, Washington, DC • McAuliffe/Shepherd Discovery Center In Concord, NH • Vermont Museum of Mining and Minerals

White Mountain National Forest - Rocks & Minerals - US Forest Service

Rockhounding is the activity of discovering and identifying minerals found on the forest. A mineral collection permit is required to collect mineral specimens on White Mountain National Forest. However, mineral collection permits are free and can be obtained at trailheads of authorized mineral collection areas. Goldpanning

Ruggles Mine - Mica Mining in New Hampshire - Legends of America

Ruggles Mine near Grafton, New Hampshire is a mica mine that got its start in about 1805 and operated for more than 150 years before it closed and became a tourist attraction. Located on Isinglass Mountain, minerals were discovered here in 1803 by Sam Ruggles, a Boston, Massachusetts merchant. In July 1805, he bought some property on the ...

White Mountain National Forest - Lord Hill Mineral Collecting Area

Lord Hill is a granite pegmatite that was mined commercially for feldspar at one time. Over 50 different minerals have been found at Lord Hill. The more common minerals found are varieties of feldspar, quartz, topaz, phenakite, and garnet. Most mineral collecting activity takes place in the larger of the 2 quarry pits.

Capital Mineral Club

Collecting trip to the Tripp & Clark Mines in Alstead, NH on Saturday September 24th. If you are interested in going please reply to Steffen Hermanns at [email protected] The cost is $35 per person. If we have a least 30 people going the Mine will have breakfast & lunch available for purchase.

Rock and Mineral Clubs in New Hampshire

Find all New Hampshire Rock Clubs, Earth Science, Geological Societies on RMS, your source for all things that Rock! Wyoming State Mineral & Gem Society. ... Mineral & Mining Museums; Mineral Shows. Mineral Shows by state; Jewelry & Lapidary Shows; Bead Shows; Mineral, Mining, & Geology Symposiums; Sell/Buy Minerals ...

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260 USGS records of mines in New Hampshire. Beryllium, Feldspar, Mica, Silica, and Copper mines located in New Hampshire. See All Top Counties by Total Mines Grafton (76 Total Mines) Rockingham (71 Total Mines) Cheshire (26 Total Mines) Sullivan (20 Total Mines) Carroll (17 Total Mines) Coos (17 Total Mines) Merrimack (13 Total Mines)

Mining In Rockingham County, New Hampshire | The Diggings™

Rockingham County, New Hampshire has 71 records of mines listed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Quick Facts 71 USGS records of mines in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Feldspar, Beryllium, Mica, Silica, and Niobium (Columbium) mines located in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. See All Mines Summary

Geology | NH Department of Environmental Services

The New Hampshire Geological Survey (NHGS) serves its mission to provide the public with accurate and useful information about the land, mineral and water resources in the state while also mapping the state, maintaining water well database, assessing hazards and preserving New Hampshire's rich history of mining, geologic mapping and research ...