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* Your answer Given a Concrete Mix Ratio of 1:2:4, what is the computed required volume of gravel for 1 cubic meter of concrete? * Your answer A team of 2 skilled mason and 4 laborers are assigned to work on a 20 cubic meter volume of concreting work. They finished the job in 5 days, working 8 hours a day.

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Calculate prices per different weights and volumes for many common substances, materials and compounds. ... 127 grams per metric cup or 4.2 ounces per US cup, and contain(s) 200 calories per 100 grams (≈3.53 ounces) [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price | density] ... Fine weighs 1 999 kg/m³ (124.79349 lb/ft³) ...

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Based on using non permeable open grade macadam. Installation is to a depth of 25mm and on the basis of suitable drainage in place. The comparison table below provides tarmac prices on 50, 70 and 100 square metre driveway areas. Just reduce quoted prices by 60% to get a rough idea of cost for an overlay.

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The table below indicates estimated application rates per square metre of Standard Grade Repair Asphalt. Final Thickness ±15 mm ±20 mm ±25 mm ±30 mm Application rate per m2 1 bag / 25kg per m 2 1.5 bags per m 2 1.8 bags per m 2 2 bags per m 2 NOTE:

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Here, the Density of Asphalt is taken as 2400 kg/m3. The Quantity of Asphalt = Volume of Asphalt x Density of Asphalt. The Quantity of Asphalt = 18000 x 2400 = 43200000 Kg. Quantity of Asphalt in Tons = Quantity of Asphalt / 1000. Quantity of Asphalt for Road in Tons = 43200000 / 1000 = 432000 Tons.

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1" or 25.4 mm thick = 48 SqM; 2" or 50.8 mm thick = 24 SqM; 4" or 101.6 mm thick = 12 SqM; 3. How much is a ton of asphalt / Hot Mix? Price: Hotmix $175.00 ton + GST Polymer + rubber hotmix $185.00 ton + GST ( add $10.00 extra per ton on the base price) 4. How much is asphalt / Hot Mix cost per square meter? Based on the above price:


0.000 Square Meters: Calculated Volume : 0.000 Cubic Meters: Estimated HotMix Required : 0.000 Tons: ... Price is estimate only. The tonnage calculation is specific to Asphalt only. ... However, this is seldom the case. 2. How much does a ton of asphalt / Hot Mix cover? One ton of asphalt covers: ½" or 12.7 mm thick = 95 SqM; 1" or 25.4 mm ...

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Asphalt Ton calculator will estimate the number of tons of Hot Mix asphalt that will be required.. . Asphalt costs $0.75 to $2.00 per square foot when spread 3" to 5" thick. A ton of asphalt covers 30 to 80 square feet. An average 2-car driveway requires 10 to 18 tons of asphalt, costing $600 to $1,100 for asphalt materials or $1,700 to $4,000 ...

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How does the Concrete mixing plant works. Concrete mixing plant is divided into four parts: gravel feed, powder (cement, fly ash, bulking agents, etc.) to feed, water and feed additives, transmission and storage stirred their workflow shown in Figure 1., the mixer control system power, into the human - machine dialogue operation interface, system initialization process, including recipe ...

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The estimator does the following calculations to work out the volume in cubic yards, weight in tons and cost in dollars. $$Volume = Area times Depth = 300,ft^2 times 8,in=7.407,yd^3$$ $$Weight = Volume times Density = 7.407,yd^3 times 140,lb/ft^3 = 14,t$$ $$Cost = Price,per,unit,mass times Weight = 120,$/t times 14,t = $1680$$

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One cubic meter is about 35.25 cubic feet. If it's a ton of osmium, which would form a cube with sides about 13.75 inches long, then this is about 1.5 cubic feet. 1.5 goes into 35.25 23.5 times; therefore, with osmium, 1 cubic meter equals 23.5 short tons. With gold, it's about 21 short tons.

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One ton asphalt is about 0.404 cubic meters (ANS). Anthony Kelly Former Arborist at City of Stonnington (2004-2006) Author has 72 answers and 209.8K answer views 4 y There are so many variables, such as the specific mix being used. 1000 kilograms of water = one cubic metre of water = one metre side by one metre side by one metre side.

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1 cubic meter = 35.32 c.f. 95 lb. X 35.32 = 3,355 lbs. 1 metric ton = 1,000 kg. 1 kg. = 2,204 lb. 3,355 lbs. / 2,204 lb. per tonne = 1.52 tonnes If my conversions are correct. Continue Reading Les McLean Lives in Toronto, ON (1941-present) Author has 4.9K answers and 8.3M answer views 3 y Related What is the weight of one cubic meter of grit?

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Ave. Price (Php) Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 40-50: mton: Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 60-70: mton: Asphalt Cement Penetration Grade 485-100: ... Asphalt Emulsified Cationic CRS-1: mton: Asphalt Emulsified Cationic CRS-2: mton: Asphalt Emulsified Cationic SS1: mton: Asphalt Plant Mix Cold:

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Asphalt Calculator Use this asphalt calculator to estimate how much asphalt (tarmac) in volume (cu ft, cubic yards or cubic meters) and weight (tons or tonnes) you would need for a driveway, school yard, pavement, road, etc.. The calculator uses conventional hot mix asphalt density. Unit system Share calculator: Concrete Calculator

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1. Calculate your volume. 2. Chose your project. 3. Request a quote . Add Another Shape. Volume For Reserve % ... (quote.totalVolume * (quote.volumeReserve * 0.01)) | number }} cubic metres. Type of project . Enter your details to receive a quote . PREVIOUS {{ getNextText() }} Readymix Concrete Calculator Quote. Name. Company Name. Email ...

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Product detail. Gravel 3/4. The basic size for structural concrete mixes, pre-stress or pre-cast concrete products and asphalt concrete mixes. Sand. Fine aggregates from crushed rocks used as structural bedding, pavement seal coat, fairways sand cap and a very vital ingredient in all concrete and asphalt mixes.

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Asphalt Calculation Quantity of Asphalt 1625.40 Ton Volume = 700.00 m3 | 24720.29 ft3 Asphalt calculation Total Volume = Length×Width×Depth Length × Width × Depth Total Volume = 10.×7.×10. 10. × 7. × 10. Total Volume = 700.00 m3 Total Quantity = Total Volume×Density of Asphalt Total Volume × Density of Asphalt

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5 cubic meter competitive price asphalt paver - Know More. asphalt paver parts quality standard produced more than 200000 cubic meter concrete or 300000 tons asphalt 3,material hi chrome 4 auger ap 1000 asphalt paver Get Price asphalt pavers page 1,...

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Gravel (1 cubic meter) Price: Php 700.00 - SUNRISE Sand, Gravel & Hollow Blocks. Nail (1 kg) in any sizes. ... with a typical range between $104 and $144 per Note 1: When the original asphalt or.. . Supplier of premium aggregates, graded and quality guaranteed washed and screened aggregates. Commercial grade sizes of 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 22mm ...

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1 cubic inch of Gravel, Dolomite weighs 1.07804 ounce [oz] 1 cubic foot of Gravel, Dolomite weighs 116.42815 pounds [lbs] Gravel, Dolomite weighs 1.87 gram per cubic centimeter or 1 865 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of gravel, Dolomite is equal to 1 865 kg/m³. In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 116.

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1 cubic meter of asphalt is equivalent 2.24 ( ~ 2 1 / 4) tonnes. How much is 2.24 tonnes of asphalt in cubic meters? 2.24 tonnes of asphalt equals 1 cubic meter. Examplos de Conversões de Volume para Massa 10000 cubic meters of brick in tonnes 500 US gallons of iroko in tonnes 10000 cubic feet of igneous rocks, mafic in tonnes

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How much do recycled asphalt millings cost? $10 - $20 Per ton (materials) $2 - $5 $1,200 - $3,600 2-car driveway installed Recycled asphalt millings cost $10 to $20 per ton or $12 to $32 per yard, without installation. A 2-car asphalt millings driveway costs $1,200 to $3,600 installed or $2 to $5 per square foot on average.

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Asphalt laying services cost $30/m2 on average. Rates, however, vary from job to job. You can expect the cost of asphalt per m2 to be anywhere from around $25/m2 to $40/m2. There are many factors that determine where you will pay the lower or the higher cost of asphalt per square metre. That is why you should always contact professional asphalt ...

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WATER SOFTENER SIZE: 8x44 Tank .75CF 24000 GRAIN (-40) 9x48 Tank 1CF 32000 GRAIN (0) 10x40 or 10x44 Tank 1.25CF 40000 GRAIN (+40). Price Of Sand Per Cubic In The Philippines As. Sand is being sold at P800 per cubic meter, up from the previous price of P550 per cubic meter while gravel is now sold at P1,350 per cubic meter, or P400 higher than ...

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Asphalt costs $80 to $160 per cubic yard. There are typically 2 tons in 1 cubic yard, depending on the mixture's density. A cubic yard covers 65 to 110 square feet with an asphalt layer 3 to 5 inches deep. Pound of asphalt cost Cold-mix asphalt costs $0.15 to $0.40 per pound or $8 to $20 per 50-pound bag.

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Cost of Sand Per Ton Price of sand ranges between $5 to $30 per ton, depending on the type. Natural sand will typically cost less than specialty sand. Screened sand costs about $15 to $20 per cubic yard and is suitable as a base for paving projects like driveways. You can also use sand for sandboxes and hardscaping.

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Also, explore tools to convert cubic meter or ton register to other volume units or learn more about volume conversions. ... 7.0629333443 ton reg: 50 m^3: 17.... "/> former roman temple day trip los angeles festival

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For one cubic meter of M15 cement, you need 711 kg of fine aggregate and 1460 kg of coarse aggregate. The water cement ratio. So, if you have a 1 metre long, 1 metre wide and 2-metre deep area, the 1 x 1 x 2 formula gives you 2 cubic metres. Determine how much ballast you need: As a general rule, you can assume about 1,750 kg to 1,800 kg of ...