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CONTROL SYSTEMS Questions 6. What Are The Basic Components Of The Feedback Control System? Basic components of the feedback control system are process system (open loop system), feedback path element, error detector, and controller. 7. Explain Transfer Function? Transfer Function of a control system is defined as:

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Control and Coordination Extra Questions Short Answer Type Question 1. Define a synapse. Answer: Synapse is a very fine gap between telodendria of axon of one neuron and dendrites of another neuron. These two structures do not unite with each other but remain separated by a fine gap. Question 2. Mention the functions of forebrain. Answer:

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These types of system engineering interview questions require in-depth analysis and critical thinking to employ the most advanced solutions to solve problems. Tip #1: Give specific answers and the willingness to learn. Tip #2: Present logical suggestions for future improvements. Sample Answer.

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In the Lesson module, there are two different student answer analysis systems available for the Short Answer type of question: the simple system is used by default. The second type only available in Lesson Module is called "Regular Expressions". See Short answer analysis for a description of the new type, with examples.

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5) As I heard the PLC used to handle the DI/DO signals so it can take fast actions. Some of the time it is used to handle few nos of AI/AO. 6) DCS & PLC's speed depends on the scan rate of I/Os. 7) For both the system Marshalling panels, Consoles and other facilities of Ethernet Etc can be used according to the need.

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Introduction of Short Answer Type Questions: Computer System in English is available as part of our Computer Applications for Class 9 for Class 9 & Short Answer Type Questions: Computer System in Hindi for Computer Applications for Class 9 course. Download more important topics related with notes, lectures and mock test series for Class 9 Exam by signing up for free.

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The basic requirements of measurement are. i. The standard used for comparison purpose must be accurately defined and should be commonly accepted. ii. The apparatus used and the method adopted must be provable. 3. State the two methods for measurement. The two methods of measurement are. i.

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41 In a system zero initial condition means that A The system is at rest and no energy is stored in any of its components B The system is working with zero stored energy C The system is working with zero reference signal D None View Answer 42 By which of the following the system response can be tested better ? A Ramp input signal

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Ruling the Countryside Class 8 Extra Questions Short Answer Type. Question 1. Define Mahalwari system in short. Answer: Estimated revenue of each plot within village was added up to calculate revenue which each Mahal (village) had to pay. Revenue demand to be revised periodically. Headmen of Mahal given charge to collect revenue. This is what ...

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Important Question for Class 10 Science Control and, 01-10-2019 0183 32 13 List in tabular form three differences between nervous control and chemical control Answer Very Short Answer Type Questions 1 Mark -Year 2012 14 Name the part of the brain which controls posture and balance of the body AnswerCerebellum in hind-brain controls the posture and balance of the body 15...

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This question could help the interviewer identify which candidates have a passion for control systems and as an extension, their job position. Example: 'My favourite control system is the car. While many people may admire the external appearance of cars, I'm more interested in the internal system of how a car works.

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CONTROL SYSTEM INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q.1. Which controller is never used and why? Answer: PI controller. No doubt, PI controller decreases the steady state error of system but it increases the order of system and hence it tends to de-stabilize the system. Q.2. What do you mean by phase variables?

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1. What is an access control system? It is an electronic system designed to control people's access to a given premise. The system recognizes, authenticates, as well as authorizes the entry of individuals into the premises. It gives complete protection to the office or building. Only authorized personnel get cleared to access the premises. 2.

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Give a brief description of the Mahalwari System. Answer: The revenue of all the plots of the village was calculated and added of the mahal. The demand of revenue was to be reversed periodically. The responsibility of collecting revenue was given to the village headman. NCERT Class 8 History Chapter 3 Extra Questions Long Answers Type. Question 39.

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Important Questions of Control and Coordination Class 10 Science Chapter 7 Question 1. Which is the largest and most prominent part of the brain? (Board Term I, 2013) Answer: Cerebrum is the largest and most prominent part of the brain. Question 2. (a) Name one gustatory receptor and one olfactory receptor in human beings.

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Short Answer Type Question[ll] [3 Marks] -Year 2009. 81.(a) Name the two main constituents of the Central Nervous System in human beings. (b) What is the need for a system of control and coordination in human beings? Answer.(a) The two main constituents of the Central Nervous System in human beings are the brain and the spinal cord.

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Control Systems Tutorial MATLAB Interview Questions Question 8. What Is Resonant Frequency? Answer : The frequency at which resonant peak occurs is called the resonant frequency. Resonance frequency explains about the speed of the transient response. Question 9. What Is Cut-off Rate? Answer :

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Closed-loop control system: These are the systems in which the control action depends on the output. These systems have a tendency to oscillate. Ex: Temperature controllers, speed control of the motor, systems having sensors, Human eye, etc. The closed-loop control system can be described by a block diagram as shown in the figure below.

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5. What are the components of feedback control system? The components of feedback control system are plant, feedback path elements, error detector and controller. 6. Distinguish between open loop and closed loop system 7. Why negative feedback is invariably preferred in closed loop system?

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A list of top frequently asked Control System interview questions and answers are given below. 1) What is meant by System? When the number of elements connected performs a specific function then the group of elements is said to constitute a system or interconnection of various components for a specific task is called system. Example: Automobile.

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Answer: A Signal Flow Graph is a diagram that represents a set of simultaneous linear algebraic equations. By taking Laplace transform the time domain differential equations governing a control system can be transferred to a set of algebraic equations in s-domain. The signal Flow graph of the system can be constructed using these equations.

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1.A good control system has all the following features except good stability slow response good accuracy sufficient power handling capacity 4.For open control system which of the following statements is incorrect ? Less expensive Recalibration is not required for maintaining the required quality of the output

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Here in this section of Operating System Short Descriptive type Questions Answers,We have listed out some of the important Short Questions with Answers which will help students to answer it correctly in their University Written Exam. ... The dispatcher is the module that gives control of the CPU to the process selected by the short-term ...

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the pressure within the large systemic arteries near the heart. Describe systolic and diastolic pressure- which is the top number. - Systolic (top) : the pressure in the arteries at the peak of ventricular contraction. - Diastolic (bottom) : the pressure when the ventricles are relaxing.

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Here we are going to see a list of important Control Systems MCQ questions and answer for competitive exams and interviews. These frequently asked Control Systems MCQ questions and answers are beneficial for campus placement of Electrical Engineering freshers, college tests, interviews, viva, and aggressive tests like SSC JE Electrical, JE EE, GATE, IES, PSU, NET/SET/JRF, UPSC, and Diploma ...

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Control System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1. It is speed control system output rate feedback is used to A. Limit the speed of motor B. Limit the acceleration of the motor thing C. Reduce the damping of the system D. Increase the gain margin View Answer Your Comments 2. The most commonly used input signal in control system is/are

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IC6501 CS 2marks. Anna University Regulation 2013 EEE IC6501 CS 2marks & 16marks for all 5 units are provided below.IC6501 CS Short answers, Question Bank for Control Systems is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials.. Unit I - PART A . 1. What is control system?