SLURRY SPREADING: Is the end of the 'splash' plate in sight?

Slurry spread with a splash plate can result in high losses of 80 to 100% of the total ammonia. These losses can be reduced by up to 60% if the slurry is spread by low emission spreading equipment, such as the trailing shoe system. Splash plate systems also increase the risk of surface run-off into waterways.

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Due to the specified spreading season for slurry, Defra say you would normally need capacity to store around 4 months' worth of slurry, but if you're in an area with more rainfall then you might need more storage space. All stores need to be impermeable and meet anti-corrosion standards and if you're building any storage less than 10 ...

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Editors and Affiliations. Rolandstr. 9, 70469, Stuttgart, Germany. Klaus-Jürgen Evert. Alexandria Va., USA. Edward B. Ballard (deceased) Florian-Geyer-Str. 35, 70499 ...

Department clarifies slurry and stubble rules

7 September 2022. Lorraine Teevan. The Department of Agriculture has moved to clarify the conditions that must be present in order to extend the period during which farmers are allowed to spread slurry in October past the earlier deadlines being imposed from this year forward. The closed period for spreading slurry is scheduled to begin on 8 ...

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The new guidance differs from the RPS in that farmers are allowed to spread organic matter over the autumn and winter where it has a low readily available nitrogen (RAN) content i.e. less than 30% and all reasonable precautions are taken reduce the risk of diffuse pollution. Most farmyard manures will fall into the low RAN category.

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Silage, slurry, and farm yard manures ( FYM) are a valuable resource to farmers, but along with increasing amounts of liquid or fibrous anaerobic digestate, can cause significant emissions and present a risk of pollution of our water environment. In many cases, this is due to inadequate storage capacity, or storage of poor quality.

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tandem axle slurry spreader EL44 with injector trailed ... made of high quality steel, 1/4" (6 mm) thick. Baffles are installed inside the reservoir providing excellent manure stability. As all of our manure management line of equipment, our spreaders are coated ... 2-axle slurry spreader EL48 3-axle tandem axle 4-axle

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Reducing environmental impacts of slurry management is becoming a focus, with several strategies showing potential towards mitigating these. In 2016 an estimated 83 million tonnes (Mt) of livestock manure was produced annually with 32 Mt of this in the form of undiluted slurry. Based on average slurry densities this is enough to fill the ...

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If using low emission spreading with band spreader or trailing shoe, then the 10 metres rule is reduced to three metres. It is also important to highlight that dairy farmers, who have a derogation, must apply at least 50 per cent of total slurry before June 15 and then after that date, they must apply slurry by low emission spreading techniques.

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Slurry Spreading Calibration Tool. In order to make the best use of the available nutrients in slurry it is important to ensure that you are applying: at the right time. Getting the right application rate has always been a bit of a guessing game. Teagasc have created a simple online calibration calculator to eliminate the guess work out of this.

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Slurry spreading. In the last two to three weeks, the volume of slurry that we've noticed spread on frozen fields has been incredible. At least in most cases, buffer strips have been left next to watercourses. Of course we understand that farmers take the opportunity to reduce the volume in their storage tanks when the ground's hard as its ...

Slurry spreading dates: Ag contractors in favour of new guidelines

Ag contractors in favour of new scientific slurry spreading extension guidelines. - Advertisement -. "The DAFM's new guidelines have the potential to allow for slurry spreading on farms at dates later than the new earlier closing deadlines of October 8th, 2022, and October 11st, 2023.". That is according to the Association of Farm ...

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High-precision slurry spreading from John Deere and Vogelsang. John Deere and Vogelsang have launched a joint project to promote more sustainable organic fertiliser application. The combination of John Deere Section Control and Vogelsang's automatic partial width Comfort Flow Control (CFC) section control system enables highly precise ...

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Farmyard Manure Slurry Spreading Dates Zone A - 12th Jan - 1st November Zone B - 15th Jan - 1st November Zone C - 31st Jan - 1st November For many years now Teagasc has been advising farmers to spread their slurry in the spring.

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Avoid spreading slurry if the ground is frozen, water-logged or heavy rain is forecast. Farmers and contractors should also be aware of the rules for spreading slurry during February when there is an increase in the width of buffer zones required along waterways and a reduction in the maximum application rates allowed.

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Highly precise slurry spreading with dribble bar systems

Highly precise slurry spreading with dribble bar systems Vogelsang dribble bar system for optimum nutrient spreading Strong smells and the possibility of harming the environment are not the only reasons that modern agriculture is increasingly avoiding the use of large-area spreaders for liquid manure.

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In terms of the new requirements for Derogations farmers, all slurry spread on farms since 15th April this year, must have been spread by using LESS equipment. Splashplate spreaders are now essentially prohibited on derogation farms other than for use with soiled water.

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Tractor spraying slurry in a field on a spring day. Castle Douglas, Scotland, UK - March 2 5, 2019: A tractor being used to spray slurry onto a field. This method of muck spreading involves the tractor pulling a hose that is connected to the slurry tank located at the farm. Agricultural vehicle loading liquid fertilizer / manure.

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There are systems of slurry spreading that are available that will minimise the surface area of the spread slurry that is exposed to the air and as such lower ammonia losses. These include band spreading, trailing shoe applicators and shallow injection systems. General benefits of low trajectory systems Reduced odour and public nuisance

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These prohibited spreading periods usually extend from mid-October through to mid-January depending on the area of the country. The restrictions are in place as research has shown that prohibited periods are necessary to prevent nutrient loss to water during the most environmentally risky time of the year.

Make use of slurry spreading windows before closed period

By the end of the current week, the closed period for spreading slurry will be just two weeks away. Therefore, farmers should be giving thought to empty storage tanks now. On many farms, higher fertiliser prices in 2022 means that more slurry was spread in spring and summer to replace chemical nitrogen.

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From 11 March 2022, all slurry generated on a holding must be applied by 8 October of that year. From 1 January 2023, all slurry generated on a holding must be applied by 1 October of that year. Farmers who wish to spread slurry after these dates (up to 15 October each year) will have to fulfill special criteria in order to do so.

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The injection of slurry gave rise to a broad peak of N 2 O emissions during the first 3 weeks after application. In total, for the measuring period, N 2 O emissions corresponded to 0.75 kg N ha −1. Band spreading resulted in only a very small N 2 O release of about 0.2 kg N ha −1 during the same period.

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Slurry is the cheapest form of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) on farms. Slurry should be spread where grass covers are low and on soils deficient in P and K. Farmers can spread slurry on heavier covers - up to 1,200kg DM/ha - using applicators such as the trailing shoe in dry weather.